The Upper Town

The Upper Town

(about 1h 15 min)

Start from Nikola Iločki Square towards the medieval town where you can almost feel the times past in an atmosphere created by the 15th-century walls, the Odescalchi Castle, St. John of Capistrano’s Church and tukish (muslem) monuments.

Get to know the wine tradition in the old cellars of the Odescalchi Castle, taste wines in a unique atmosphere among the big, old oak barrels. Do not forget to buy a bottle and take it home!

After that, go towards the park whose entrance is located immediately next to the Turkish hammam, take a walk to the western bastion (on the right), and then continue your walk along the path leading through the park along the southern side of the fortress, and enjoy the variety of trees and fresh air that invigorate your body and soul. When you come to the end of the southern side of the walls, take a break at the Cross, which gives a view of parts of Ilok, the Danube and Backa (Serbia). Take a moment to enjoy the beauty of the park and pay a short visit to its oldest inhabitant: a Ginkgo Biloba tree.

Turn towards the church and the friary and enter the holy shrine of John of Capistrano, explore it and contemplate the beauty and peace you are bound to find.

Go back to the Odescalchi Castle -the town Museum with great view to Danube, walk further through path which leads you to the Danube coast or end your walk in the restaurant or one of the cafes in the Upper Town.