The village of Bapska, located some 15 kilometres from Ilok, is famous for its rich tradition and heritage and the prehistoric site of Gradac. According to the latest discoveries, the beginnings of life on this site go back to the 5th millennium BC, making this culture older than the Vučedol culture. The site of Gradac is included in the project of the Ministry of culture. After the research is completed, this settlement will be presented as it used to look in ancient times.

Bapska was mentioned as a Catholic parish in the 14th century. There is a Romanesque church of the Virgin Mary – Our Lady of Bapska in the village, as well as a baroque church of St. George. Bapska is also interesting for the preserved tradition of rural life. The rich folk heritage of Šokadija and Srijem is best seen in the dances, songs, folk costumes and customs that have been passed on from one generation to another. Go to Bapska and discover a rural atmosphere interwoven with rich heritage.